Quote of the Day :Jacques-Alain Miller, The Apparatus to Psychoanalyze


“The symptom has without doubt a special place in the formations of the unconscious. It is not at all a formation of the unconscious like the others. The intention of meaning is not at all obvious at the level of the symptom as it is at the level of the dream and, as it became with Freud, at the level of the slip of the tongue, the witty remark, the parapraxis, where the intention of meaning operates, even as failed or as too successful. Whereas the symptom, in its primitive state, can go unnoticed by the subject. So, one sees that to think that the symptom is capable of saying something is already a phenomenon of belief. What constitutes the symptom is that one believes in it. The question is to know to what extent one can integrate a phenomenon of belief into the real.”

Translated by Joanne Conway

MILLER J.-A., « L’appareil à psychanalyser », Philosophes de Lacan, Quarto 64, hiver 1998, p.13