Quote of the Day: The Transferential Unconscious by Jacques-Alain Miller


We know that right to the end, Freud kept the status of the unconscious as a hypothesis, in any case as not verifiable by the means he considered appealing to – the sciences and nature. That is how the status that we recognize, from there on to the unconscious, is a transferential one. For that matter, this is what drove me to speak, previously, of the transferential unconscious. This is how the transference, far from being effect of the unconscious, rather takes, on the contrary, a place of cause. It’s through the transference that we make present, that we mobilize, that we bind the unconscious.

Tr. Pamela King

Jacques-Alain Miller, « Notre orientation », L’enfant dans la civilisation, Quarto 88-89, December 2006, pp.7-8.