Quote of the Day: The Latest Lacan, by Jacques-Alain Miller


The unconscious is not what is singular in each individual. And it is in order to grasp this that Lacan lodges it in the Other, with a capital O.
He lodges the unconscious in the Other and, on the contrary – let’s say in order to make symmetry – he lodges the sinthome in the One. He even defines the One by the sinthome. He makes of it the definitional consistency of the One (…).
Let’s say that this sinthome that belongs to the One, that it is in a second time – a logical time, at least – that the unconscious comes to knot itself to the sinthome.
There is a whole register where Lacan can develop the nature of the sinthome without making reference to the unconscious (…). The unconscious, if we may say, is added.
(…) (A)t the beginning of Seminar XXIV, which follows The Sinthome, (…) he indeed states that with L’une-bévue, “I’m trying to introduce something that goes further than the unconscious”. Let’s say that what he calls Une-bévue – by its assonance with the Freudian Unbewusst, translated as “the unconscious” – that the Une-bévue is within the same logical time as already explored with the sinthome. It seems to me that this succession, this orientation, remains, in this very last teaching, constant and that it echoes the introduction of the One in its anteriority to the Other.

L’un 1 – sinthome – Une bévue
L’Autre 2 l’inconscient

Jacques-Alain MILLER, « Le tout dernier Lacan », L’Orientation lacanienne III, 9, (2006-2007), teaching pronounced in the Département of Pasychoanalysis of University Paris 8, lesson No. 9 du 14 March 2007, unpublished.

Proposed by Anne Béraud

Translated by Joanne Conway