Quote of the Day: Freud, Moses and Monotheism


« The repressed is to be counted as belonging to the id and is subject to the same mechanisms; it is distinguished from it only in respect of its genesis. The differentiation is accomplished in the earliest period of life, while the ego is developing out of the id. At that time a portion of the contents of the id is taken into the ego and raised to the preconscious state; another portion is not affected by this translation and remains behind in the id as the unconscious proper. In the further course of the formation of the ego, however, certain psychical impressions and processes in the ego are excluded [i.e. expelled] from it by a defensive process; the characteristic of being preconscious is withdrawn from them, so that they are once more reduced to being component portions of the id. Here then is the ‘repressed’ in the id »

Sigmund FREUD (1938). Moses and Monotheism. Standard Edition 23, p.96.

Quotation chosen by  Alan Rowan