Quote of the day : Jacques-Alain Miller, The Latest Lacan


“ ‘When…the space of a slip has no scope of meaning (or interpretation) anymore, it is only then that we know that we are in the unconscious.’ We think that this is well known, for Lacan has always stressed and put in function the value of nonsense. However, if we look at it closely, this very surprising sentence implies – this is the disjonction between the unconscious and interpretation – an exclusion between these two functions; I say ‘function’ for unconscious because, in the same text, Lacan does indeed talk about the ‘unconscious function’. By nature, this makes vacillate what we think we know about the articulation of the unconscious (…). This disputes what is, for us, the principle itself of the psychoanalytic operation, insofar as psychoanalysis starts with the minimal establishment, S1-S2, of transference.”

MILLER, Jacques-Alain, « Le tout dernier Lacan » (2006-2007), L’Orientation lacanienne III, 9, teaching pronounced within the Department of Psychoanalysis Paris 8, “L’inconscient reel”, lesson of 15 November 2006, Quarto, 88-89, December 2006, p.7.

Quote chosen by Epaminondas Theodoridis

Translated by Coralie Le Berche