Quote of the Day: The Latest Lacan, by Jacques-Alain Miller


On the concept of fault, which has nothing to do with guilt, he (Lacan) indicates what the law of all interpretation is – that behind all lapsus there is a signifying finality. If there is an unconscious, he says, the fault tends to express something, something that the subject does not know and that pushes to reveal itself.

It is precisely at this point, I believe, that he rebounds in his final short writing “L’esp d’un laps”. The signifying finality is what is precisely put into question. The signifying finality is that which invites sense or interpretation to be given to the formations of the unconscious and it supposes that there is a truth underneath which seeks to make itself heard, to break through. By putting into question the very notion of the signifying finality of the formations of the unconscious, Lacan thus isolates the real unconscious, which is an unconscious without repression.
And it is from there that, the following year, in a step that was necessarily a stumbling, Lacan proposed in his Seminar, L’une bévue – I’m giving just the beginning of its title – in his Seminar known as L’une bévue, his intention was to elaborate something that goes further than the unconscious.

Jacques-Alain MILLER, « Le tout dernier Lacan », L’Orientation lacanienne III, 9, (2006-2007), teaching prononounced within the Departement of Psychoanalysis in University Paris 8, lesson No. 6 of 10 Janaury 2007, unpublished.
Proposed by Anne Béraud

Translated by Joanne Conway