Clinical Conversation of the NLS Congress – Sunday 30 April 2017


During the 2017 Congress of the NLS: About the Unconscious – Place and Interpretation of the Formations of the Unconscious in Psychoanalytic Treatments
Clinical Conversation of the NLS : Four clinical cases will be read and discussed in plenary session during the Congress.


Joost Demuynck (Bruges – Belgium)
Discussants: Florencia Shanahan and Guy Trobas

Susana Huler (Tel Aviv)
Discussants: Catherine Lazarus-Matet and Yves Vanderveken

Renato Seidl (Lausanne)
Discussants: Reginald Blanchet and Geert Hoornaert

Vlassis Skolidis (Athens)
Discussants: Carole Dewambrechies-La Sagna et Alexandre Stevens

The Conversation will be chaired by Jacques-Alain Miller.