Le Séminaire, livre xix, « … ou pire »


By Claudia Iddan

“One clearly sees how and with what the dream works, what it knits with. It does so with the day’s residues, as Freud said, in other words with what is still there on the surface of memory, and not in its depths. The only thing that connects the desire of the dream to the unconscious is the way in which one must work to solve the problem of a formula with = 0, to find the root thanks to which the way it functions is cancelled out. If it is not cancelled out, as one says, there is the awakening, which is the means through which the subject continues to dream in his life”.

Jacques LACAN, Le Séminaire, livre xix, « … ou pire » (1971-1972), text established by Jacques-Alain Miller, coll. Champ freudien, Seuil, Paris, 2011, page 234.

Translated by Philip Dravers