Position of the Unconscious (Remarks made at the 1960 Bonneval Colloquium, rewritten in 1964)


By Florencia F.C. Shanahan

(…) psychoanalysts are part and parcel of the concept of the unconscious, as they constitute that to which the unconscious is addressed. I thus cannot but include my discourse on the unconscious in the very thesis it enunciates: the presence of the unconscious, being situated in the locus of the Other, can be found in every discourse, in its enunciation. The very subject of he who would propose to sustain this presence—the analyst—must, according to this hypothesis, in the same movement be given form and “called into question,” in other words, be put to the test of his own splitting by the signifier.

Lacan, Jacques, “Position of the Unconscious”, in Écrits: The First Complete Edition in English, trans. B. Fink, W.W. Norton & Co, London/New York, 2006, p. 707.