Une bévue by Marco Mauas


I’m with my wife, we kiss. Around us, the analytic community of my country. I shut my eyes.

This dream comes as a response to the associations of an analysand.

A few days earlier, an analysand explained to me how he had chosen his analyst. He had asked for an address, and was given two or three. My address did not figure among them. So he asked, “Why not Marco Mauas?” He was then provided with numerous details about my private life that were supposed to dissuade him.

He thus decided that it would be me.

This session touched me. That period of my life had been hard. The insistent rumours necessitated that I shut my eyes. Not to see – above all, not to see so as not to be looked at.

What the dream shows is the gaze itself. The dream is a painting. Open your eyes, Marco, look at it!


Marco Mauas


Translated by Pamela King